Thank you for 31 years of work
Alexander J. Boome, PEng, PE, founder of Alexander Boome Consulting Engineering says, "The company is dedicated and excited about bringing imagination to the consulting engineering for your project, by first understanding your principles and then carefully considering the engineering fundamentals, in order to produce the most useful service for you based on your budget".

Excellent Engineering
He founded Alexander Boome Consulting Engineering in 1978 in Vancouver, BC, Canada, "To provide excellent engineering services for you". We have been committed to you, and in continuous operation since starting. The things that we can do for you, or our Principal Fields of Activity (please see the Services section) are based on Mechanical Engineering Areas of Services for your Buildings, Sites, and Processes.

Canada and United States
We offer you expert knowledge of, Codes, commonly specified equipment, and practices, in both Canada and the United States. We maintain Professional Registration in Provinces and States. Mr. Boome says, “Our many years of practice in both jurisdictions is a wonderful benefit to many Clients.”
    • Alexander J. Boome, PEng, PE
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Understanding: By knowing and working with you for many years, we can understand, trust, and help each other produce the best possible result. Even when just starting to work together it’s important that we take the time to find out what you want. We need to see, hear, feel, as well as know the “broad-brush” idea about your project. Then we can show you some of our ideas. In this manner, we can all take into account the important aspects of the project so that superior results are provided. It is just as important to provide the right service for the job as is to select the right type of system or equipment. We make sure that, at a minimum, Codes, Standards and Good Practices are applied to each project. But sometimes you want more than the minimum. When we know what you want, then we’ll make sure that you get it.
Fundamentals: The body of knowledge of the engineering fundamentals of heat transfer, fluid flow, thermodynamics, and in general all of physics, are the foundation of all of the services that we offer in the form of application engineering. We use the fundamentals to determine what type of equipment, systems, and services are best for your project. By combining a long-standing appreciation for the melding of form and function with the known boundaries of a project, we expand these boundaries whenever possible by applying new and creative ideas. Our calculations, mechanical equipment selections, drawings, specifications, and reports are the products that provide you with a solution. And these products are all based on the fundamentals.
Imagination: Through our creative abilities, we bring our best imagination to your project — sometimes in ways not evident to you. Sometimes our imagination is applied in small ways, by applying ideas and solutions to your project from our decades of experience. Happily, sometimes in ways that can save the project time, space, or money, or by working closer to target budgets. Or, sometimes in finding creative ways to work together when situations are difficult. Of course, some highly creative ideas, systems, or equipment may not be less expensive, smaller, or time savers. Then, the imaginative view may provide reliable, redundant, or back-up systems that have stood the test of time. The exciting part is to know what is the right thing to do for each situation.
Budget: Imagination is limited only by budget and, in some ways, expanded or bound by engineering fundamentals. When all parties working on your project know the budget and have early input to the space, time and money requirements, then unexpected surprises can often be reduced or eliminated. We like to keep up to date with the budget and changes to it as they occur so we can react to or have input to their changes. We want to provide you the budget input that you need so that together we can meet your budget. Knowledge about your project goals and objectives can help define or reduce costs to within acceptable levels.
Service: Our goal is to provide you everything you want, when you want it. Our product is a useful service to you. By using our imagination and understanding of engineering fundamentals, and then operating within your budget, it is our mission to provide useful service to you “that will have you coming back for more.” We all want to find people and companies that we can, trust, respect, count on, and work together with for many happy years. We want that, and we want to be that for you.