Dedicated to you for thirty-one-years
“Alexander Boome Consulting Engineering Ltd. are the most dependable, on–time, and friendly group of mechanical engineers and designers that I have worked with in twenty–five years ... ”

In photo at right, Alexander J. Boome, PE, PEng, receives distinguished service award from ASHRAE Presidnet Don Holte, PEng.

Took care of everything
“ ... this was a really big project, with lots of Code issues, special design considerations for high-rise buildings, in cold Northern climates, and they took care of everything, HVAC, Plumbing, seismic restraint, Smoke Control, they did a great job ... ”

Anticipate demands
“On single family houses (10,000 to 30,000 ft2) they are tops. They have had experience working with this type of very knowledgeable client and can anticipate their demands. They bring all the sophistication of larger commercial projects effectively to these large single family houses.”

“They said they would use Imagination to help our project, and they did ... Their designs are well thought and include good practical improvements, based on many years of engineering practice.”

Things get done
“ ... it is really nice dealing with a firm of this size and organization ... you can always talk to the top person, when you want, things get done, and the same people are there year after year. ”

Highly recommend
“I highly recommend them, we have been working with them for over twenty years ... "

“Our firm has worked with Alexander Boome Consulting engineering Ltd on both large and smaller projects. They bring the same enthusiasm to both."

Know us
“They took the time to know what we wanted and needed, and then gave it to us.”

“Flare–ups” avoided
“ ... they brought the whole project together, within a very tense and difficult environment ... with many possible flare–ups avoided by their fair and reasonable approach to the project ... "

Excellent consulting
“ ... for fifteen years ... we have found ABCE Ltd and their associates to be very reliable and skilled ... excellent consulting services and advice ... always feel fortunate to work with them ... ”
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