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Built designs
The natural draft, efficient, modular boilers shown at the right are for the Magnolia Gate low–rise multi–family project in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

The most popular Service completed by our highly skilled and experienced Engineers, Technicians, and CAD operators is construction document preparation (drawings and specifications). Calculations, analysis, equipment selections, and alternative systems Life Cycle Cost Analyses often precede the final construction document preparation.

Reports and studies: are another area that we excel in and offer many skills to help get your project stakeholders valuable input and information that they need. Do you require, pre purchase, feasibility, operating, remedial, and/or research reports? If you want suggestions about alternative systems with their associated life cycle cost analysis, then we are the firm that you are looking for. We efficiently prepare Smoke Control Rational Analysis reports that you need for your high rise buildings.

Additional Services: that our staff offer you to help you make your project happen are, turnkey project management providing, feasibility, design, procure, quality control, construct, training and management for your projects. Based on years of being in the field as well as the office, we offer field related engineering, plant analyses, cost estimates and appraisals, and energy analyses. Air and water flow testing and verification, smoke control testing and verification are also professional services that we will accuartely and efficiently bring to your project, based on many years of field testing.

Canadian Clients: We have worked for many years serving in the United States as the “Mechanical Engineer of Record”, for Canadian Clients who want to complete work in the United States. Do you like to have your Engineer, who is actually an expert in US practices, nearby even when your projects are further away?

American Clients: And, we have worked for many good friends and Clients in the United States from our offices in Canada. We are able to furnish labor when none is available in the United Sates. Do you want to take advantage of some of the dollar difference?

Areas of Practice
•  Air-conditioning Systems
•  Heating Systems
•  Refrigeration Systems
•  Piping Systems
•  Site Utilities
•  Fire Protection Systems
•  Energy and Green Buildings
•  Aqua culture plants
•  High Pressure Natural Gas systems (compressor stations, piping, fuelling stations)
•  Plumbing Systems
•  Pumping Stations
•  Municipal Piping and Drainage Systems
•  Smoke Control Systems
•  Agricultural Systems
•  Boiler plants
•  Transit Systems Services
•  Geothermal reports, studies and Ground source heat pump systems

Please see the Portfolio section for project examples in each area.
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