31 Years of Working with You
First Projects
Alexander Boome Consulting Engineering Ltd started in 1978 in the basement–recreation room of Mr. Boome’s house. During the first year, which was really only two months, three projects were completed. The first job was the reconstruction for a large law firm of two floors of the MacMillian–Boeldel Building in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Within a few years, the firm grew to six employees. With their large drafting tables and desks, it was time to get a “real” office.

1,000 Projects Later
Since then, the Company has completed over 1,000 projects, and the drafting tables have been replaced by computers. The complexity and dollar value of the capital cost has steadily increased over the years. Current projects this year in both Canada and the United States have a total capital value of one billion CND.

View Some Projects
The buttons above will lead you to view a sampling of a few of the 1,000 projects we have completed. There are architectural details, and pictures of how mechanical equipment serves and fits into buildings and sites. Alternatively, you can search the portfolio file by a single word or simple phrase
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