Industrial Projects
Elkview Coal Silo Venting
The Silos in the picture above are filled with coal, there is natural gas in coal. When disturbed it can be released. If the concentration is right then the top of these 75 feet by 300 feet high silos can be blown off. Our goal was to design a ventilation system for the silo so that did not happen. We also made recommendations for the Pulversier Building ventilation. Another one of our projects at Elkview Coal Mine in Sparwood, BC, Canada was the design of the explosion venting system for the Dryer Cyclone collector for a 400,000 cfm system. The doors are 498.75 ft2.

Most of the over 110 Industrial projects that we have completed involved either the delivering to or removal from a space, toxic, and/or not wanted liquid or gaseous material. The size and complexity varies from the grain conveying exhaust and fire protection systems that we engineered for Port Longview, WA, USA to the fuel cell laboratories that we designed for Ballard Power, North Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Hoods, filters, plumes
The potentially toxic laboratory exhaust requires filtering, and/or scrubbing before it is allowed to exit the structure. Then, when safe enough, it must be discharged with a high enough velocity to not allow it to re–enter the building through other nearby building air inlets. The latest ASHRAE research about the effects of combining exhaust outlets nearby, in order to increase plume height, mixing and dispersal is useful.

Very Large Paint Spray Booth
We designed the Department of National Defense for Canada's jet fighter painting hanger in Comox, BC. We used overhead and side wall supply, and multiple underfloor exhaust duct trenches, in order to develop more laminar air flow around the planes. The large exhaust air quantities coupled with the need for elevated drying temperatures meant there was a very high heating load.

High Pressure Natural Gas for Vehicle (NGV)
We designed, specified and ordered equipment, and helped commission and make operational twenty–three NGV compressor plants and dispensing stations in BC, Canada. The compressors ranged from 40 to 200 hp, duplex. The 3,600 psig piping is double extra strong schedule 160. The fast filling strategy that we used, utilized three separate storage tanks at different pressures. Filling from the lowest to the highest pressure storage vessels allows for the quickest fill.

Gas Appliances
We designed the Olympic flame for the forty foot high Petro Glyph in Park City, Utah, USA. The specifications required us to design a double 100% redundant self igniting flame of certain dimensions, that would not blow out in a 15 mph wind. After several reiterations we shipped a fully functioning burner assembly from “Lake Mechanical's” workshop in Burnaby, BC, Canada. The twenty foot long gas flame in the Edmonton, AB, Canada's new International airport had other requirements. The plume from the flue exhaust fans could not obscure the runway from the view of the tower. When the products of combustion laden with water vapor meet the minus fifty Fahrenheit a fog is created. We used insulated flues, indoor power venters, and 360 degree horizontal low velocity discharges.
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Fuel Cells
    • CanOxy 50 kW Fuel Cell
    • Feul Cell, DB and 113 Laboratories
    • Bio-tech
    • DND fighter jet aircraft paint booth
Natural Gas Appliances
    • Edmonton International Airport Gas Fireplace
    • Fairmont Hotel Gas Fireplace
    • Metrotown Fireplace
    • Olympic Flame
Natural Gas for Vehicles (NGV)
    • Blacktop Cabs
    • NGV Bus
    • NGV Shell, Esso, Mohawk, ICG
Site Work
    • Camp Howdy
    • CN Thorton Shop Wastewater Treatment Plant
    • Education Hill Townhomes
    • Nenquayni Treatment Center
    • Oakhurst
    • Vancouver Wharves Gear Locker
    • Sky Train Expo Line
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