Retail and Restaurant Projects
Rose Bowl
The Rose Bowl football stadium, Pasadena, CA, US reconstruction of site services, five new food kitchens, and office space are one of the more visible projects of this type we have completed. To get accurate “as-built” information was the mystery to be solved. Finally the City of Pasadena retrieved some useful clues. There is a site plan that shows the kiosks that we built, and/or reconstructed.

Avalon Brewing Company, Indigo
Sometimes is difficult to classify a project as Retail or Restaurant, like this complex. There is a Brewery, Bar, Restaurant, Book Store, and Beer and Wine outlet, all in one. By the time all the services and equipment get assembled and installed, it makes for a very interesting project.

Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
The entire RVYC is one big Restaurant and Bar, divided up into seven main dining areas, and three main Bar areas. One large kitchen and one smaller satellite kitchen serves all meals for this 5,000 member club. The reconstruction project took two years and cost over 4.5 million. RVYC is 90% new construction. One of the main goals was to install a new and up-to-date mechanical “core or spine” that will serve the club through other reconstructions and upgrades.

Riverboat Lanes
Is a modern bowling alley, with all the latest equipment and fog machines. It is a part of a much larger new entertainment complex in a remote area of Surrey, BC, Canada that is growing up around the complex.

We have completed over 70, including the following,Avalon Mark James restaurant & Brew Pub, Greshams, Various Safeway stores, Royal Vancouver Yacht, ClubTri–Cities Ice Arena, Ten churches, The Creek, Chateau Whistler (CP Hotels) Cactus Club (various), ABC restaurant, Pannekoek (various), Umbetinos (various), Bonanza (various), Binos (various), and Emerald Park.

More Restaurants
That we have completed, Rosebowl (5 kitchens), Pasadena, CA, Renaissance Suites at Flatiron, Broomfield, CO, Banquet, Restaurant, Kitchens Marriott Hotel full service, Banquet, Restaurant, Kitchens Hilton Hotel, Banquet, Restaurant, Kitchens San Francisco, CA, Blue Water Cafe, A & W, KFC, Bud’s Burger, Earls (various), and Brownies (various).

We have completed over 60 retail projects. Some of the projects include, the Sears chiller and boiler replacemnt at Bunraby, BC, Canada's “Metrotown Mall”, ten local credit unions, and the BC Central Credit Union, 15 local malls, the Abbotosford International Airport and The Avalon Brewing Club are difficult to classify. The Avalon is listed under Restaurants, and it includes are large retail component.
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    • Avalon Brewing Club & HVAC for Indigo Bookstore
    • Blue Water Cafe
    • Royal Vancouver Yacht Club
    • Abbotsford International Airport
    • Gibbsons Park Plaza Mall
    • Guildford Town Centre Reconstruction and Expansion
    • Safeway
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