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Quiet: St Matthew's roman catholic church shown above is the largest in BC, Canada. When you are praying or demanding something from the Divine, as a son or daughter of the Ultimate, you do not want to hear the HVAC equipment. Schools are similar even though a slightly higher back ground noise level is often acceptable. If it’s quiet in the school or church, and still feels fresh and doesn’t make you sleep, then the design well on it’s way to being a good design.

Fresh Air: Proper ventilation according to good practice and ASHRAE Standard 62 is about fifteen cubic feet per minute (cfm) per person. There are other spaces that need higher ventilation rates, like Gymnasiums or Theaters, that need twenty cfm.

Good Temperature Control: Equipment must, supply the air to the school or church, cool and or dehumidify it, heat it and remove the stale CO2 laden air by exhaust.

Air Terminals Churches: Because of the large airflow requirements, and need for no noise, the air distribution and control become very important for churches. Both supply and return air terminals, and exhaust grilles are required. Under seats, at the front of the altar, around the perimeter are all candidates for the favored terminal spot.

Air Terminals Schools: The ceiling and all walls are available in Classrooms and even Theaters for air terminal location. This means the search for locations is a matter of negotiation only, with other ceiling component suppliers or designers.

Long-Term: Most schools & churches have a rather long term view to their ownership. And, yet they are built with members’ hard earned, tax, and/or donated funds. Energy efficiency often also saves money in the initial capital purchases, but not always.

Offices, and Church Training Rooms: Traing Rooms house large numbers of people in a small area. They need fresh air and reasonable temperature control. The offices are need good air distribution.

Plumbing: The large after, class or service, use of hot water requires good plumbing sizing planning. Some churches require special drainage to ground of holly water, and a few other details like that. And some schools require special acid waste piping and acid neutralizing tanks for laboratory systems. Large hot water storage or instantaneous heaters are used by us for Gymnasiums.

Kitchen Exhaust and Make-Up: Most Churches seem to have some aspect of Fellowship, meetings, games, weddings, etc. Food seems to be an important part of any spiritual group. Often Large commercial kitchens are required to quickly and easily feed hundreds. Often exhaust fans and Make up air systems must be installed. For a limited us, these systems must be economical and use other equipment as much as possible.
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