Offices for people and equipment
Lights and people
In an office the main requirement is cooling and ventilation for people and lights. The solar load can be reduced by passive designs and exterior shading. Good daylighting and other design techniques can reduce loads. However the people need cooling and ventilation. Equipment and lighting need sensible cooling.

Even corporate office are revised and shuffled around every five or ten years. Some amount of flexibiltiy in HVAC system should be planned. Central air to water heat pump are favoured by some. They can be relocated and add easily. Others would rather have fan coil units and central plants for more efficiency. For low rise, even packaged rooftop units make sense.

For larger systems all kinds of energy efficiency can be considered. Even “total energy” systems and cogeneration systems can prove attractive based on life cycle cost analysis.

Dedicated outside air
In very temperate climates high ventialtion rates can supply much of the cooling with little or no mechanical cooling required. A dedicated outside air system has some advantages that can be modified to supply a large part of cooling requirements in non extreme environments and non sensitve occupancies.
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