Specialists in the energy efficient design of Mechanical Systems for Buildings, Sites, and Processes, and most of all for people

For over 31 years, Alexander Boome Consulting Engineering Ltd has provided engineering services to clients in Canada and the United States. During this time, we have completed over 1,000 projects. Dollar value of the total project construction cost, for our current work-in-progress, this year, will again exceed one-billion-dollars USD.

Through our creative ability, we bring our best imagination to the projects we undertake for you. Sometimes in ways not even known to our clients. Sometimes only in small ways, based on being able to relate ideas, problems, and solutions based on our many years of experience. Happily, sometimes in ways that can save the project time, space, money, or work. Or sometimes in finding ways to work together when situations are difficult.

Learn more about how Alexander Boome Consulting Engineering can help you. Examine the services that we can offer you, and see a portfolio of a few of our completed projects.

Alexander Boome says, “With our LEED engineers, we want to help clients construct buildings that have minimal consumption, minimal emissions to atmosphere and environment of air (and other gases) and liquids that can harm the ecosystems, while providing maximum indoor quality of environment.”

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